The outline of features consist in Effrosafe Cloud.

Live Camera View From Anywhere

You can view your camera live from anywhere.

Camera Status Notification

You will be getting notifications of cloud recording status through mail and SMS.

Easy Download of MP4 Video Clips

You can download all your required footage easily as MP4 Video Clips.

Share Video Clips

Any vital information from your CCTV might be very helpful to you only when you share it to somebody and the outcome depends on how fast you do it.

Fast Forward

You can do Fast Forward of your footage while viewing your playback. Detecting an object from a footage might make you sit long. Fast Forwarding eliminates this gap.

Support all Major Brands of DVR, NVR & IP Cameras

What brand and type of CCTV systems you have does not deter you from connecting them to the Effrosafe Cloud.

Support of H.264 & MPEJ Camera

The Effrosafe Cloud supports video compression standards H.264 and MPEJ and all cameras working on the said standards can be linked to the clouds.

Full HD Video Supported

The resolution of cloud recording will be equal to the actual resolution of the cameras and streamed video.

Crystal Clear Sound Supported

If the channel to which your camera is linked has an audio input or the camera itself has an audio input, the cloud gives you a crystal clear sound output.

Audio Transcoding

Audio Transcoding Supported.

No Data Limits

Effrosafe Cloud does not restrict you on data limit.

Mobile App: Effrosafe Viewer

Those having smart phones can download our Effrosafe Viewer for watch the live video streaming from the clouds.

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